Market Sectors

Advance Circuit Technology, Inc. (ACT) has over 20 years of experience in design, substrate manufacturing and final assembly of electronic products for the industrial controls, military / aerospace, medical, communications, transportation, and sensors industries.


Dosing Calculator — ACT provided a full turnkey box build solution for a major medical company from concept to completion in less that 10 weeks. This Box Build made tapped into many areas of ACT expertise. Utilization of ACT design services, surface mount and thru-hole PCB assembly, documentation, and quality control processes allowed us to drop ship the completed product to the target audience accurately and ahead of schedule.

Technologies: Engineering, full Supply Chain Box-Build, PCB Assembly, Final Assembly Test


Rail Car Refurbishment — After a custom product became obsolete, a major Transportation Industry Leader handed us their last sample of a product that they needed to continue to provide in small to medium quantities for refurbish of train cars. Using the sample, ACT built a duplicate product that fits their existing application. In the near future, it is expected that we will be engineering and building a next generation product with additional features.

Technologies: Box-Build, Design of PCB, Plastics, PCB Assembly, Final Assembly Test


Biometric Control Panel — ACT is providing a Box Build solution for a Top Security Company. Using ACT's team of Experienced Assemblers allows us to ensure a level of accuracy that leads to faster through put and less fall out for volume manufacturing. ACT's unique ability to stage the job and allocate labor to meet the schedule, means that your plant has just increased its internal capabilities via ACT.

Technologies: Box-Build, Final Assembly Test, Supply Chain Management.


Rebuilding Documentation, High Volume Communications Hybrid — When a contract manufacturer went out of business and closed its doors, numerous customers' product line came to a grinding halt. Not only was partially finished product locked up but so were drawings, custom tooling, intellectual property, and manufacturing know how. Advance Circuit Technology, Inc. rebuilt the customers' product and tooling drawings in record time. We also worked closely with the customer to re-engineer some products for better manufacturability and usage of materials.

Industrial Controls

ACT's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is highly automated and able to meet your specific requirements for small to medium or volume production. With ACT's origins stemming from ABB, a leading Industrial Controls innovator and manufacturer, we have an in depth understanding of your need for decreased time to market, best quality and competitive pricing.

The following are a few examples of our work in the Industrial Controls market:

  • Fuel-Cell Monitoring and Controls
  • Current Monitors
  • Motor Protectors and Controllers
  • Pump Motor Controllers Induction Heater controls
  • HVAC controllers
  • Line Monitors
  • Boiler Controls Chemical Processing
  • Printer Process Controls
  • Food and Beverage Process Equipment
  • Deposition Monitors for Semiconductor Process Equipment
  • Remote Data Monitoring and Acquisition
  • Video Inspection Equipment


Advance Circuit Technology is currently a key supplier in support of numerous programs for America's Defense Industry. Some of the active programs include:

  • Complex Subassemblies used in Airborne Electronic Countermeasure Systems
  • Electronic Modules and subsystems for Military Communications Hardware
  • Hi Reliability Missile Components

Defense Specific Support Capabilities

  • J-STD-001, Class 3 Trained manufacturing Workforce
  • Environmental Testing including ESS Thermal Shock and Altitude Test Chambers
  • In-House Parylene Coating Capability and Expertise

With ACT'S talented team of Program Managers, Engineers, Supply Chain Management Technicians, and Quality Assurance personnel, we can quickly and accurately respond to the unique needs of our customers.