Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Advance Circuit Technology (ACT) has wide range of capabilities for standard FR4 circuit board production, product inspection and testing for assembled circuit boards. ACT also has multiple conformal coating capabilities including parylene coating, which is applied via a vapor deposition coating system.

PCB Assembly

We are a registered ITAR facility, ISO 9001:2015 Certified and specialize in complex electronic assemblies. All of our manufacturing personnel are trained to IPC-A-610 and IPC-J-STD-001 standards and we have in-house certified trainers for ongoing training updates.

All of the above is housed in a 35,000 square foot facility including a 14,000 square foot SMT production area that is temperature and humidity controlled with anti-static flooring.

ACT offers plant tours of our production facility and welcomes the opportunity to provide a price quote for your electronic circuit board assemblies.

A price quote specifications outline is available for your convenience when compiling information for a request for quote. Download PDF

PCB Assembly Equipment

14000 SF Assembly Room, Conductive Flooring, Humidity Controlled
2 DEK Fine Pitch Solder Printers with Vision
4 Speedprint SP700avi Printers with Automated Solder Paste Inspection
1 Europlacer Inneo I with Component Verification Capability
1 Europlacer Inneo II
1 Europlacer XPii - II
2 Europlacer iico
1 Europlacer Finesse
4 Convection Solder Reflow Ovens
1 MCT Browne Hybrid Reflow System
1 Contact 400D Cut and Clinch Machine
1 Wayne Kerr ATE Combination Test Systems
1 Cerprobe Probing Station for Hybrid ATE
5 Blue M Ovens for Epoxy/Encapsulation Cure
1 Bittle High Pot Tester
1 Electrovert Wave Solder Machine
1 ACE Kiss 102 Selective Solder
1 Data IO Engineering Programming Station
1 Hybrid Assembly Burn-In System
1 Glenbrook Technologies RTX-113HV X-Ray Inspection System
1 SMT Tools BGA-100 Inspection Tool
2 Mirtec MV-3L Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
1 SCS PDS 2060 Parylene Deposition System
1 SCS PDS 2010 Parylene Deposition System
1 Palomar 8000i Wire Bonder / Ball (Stud) Bumper
2 ESS Temperature Chambers
1 Altitude Chamber
1 Aqueous Technologies Trident III
1 Trek Aqueous Cleaner Triton IV
1 C-Tech Systems 100B-0000 Hot Bar Welder